Dentist Near Castle Rock, Houston, TX, USA

Asure Dental provides patient-focused dentistry near Castle Rock to promote dental health, prevent oral disease, and upgrade patient’s smile looks. From routine preventative dentistry to the placement of lost teeth, our friendly dentist works relentlessly to meet your unique oral health needs. We offer these dental services, among others:

  • Exams & Cleanings – Our dentist near Castle Rock offers routine dental cleanings and exams as a preventive approach to promoting oral health.
  • Implants, Bridges, and Dentures – Replace missing with tooth implants or receive implant-supported dentures to replace entire rows of teeth.
  • Root Canal Therapy – We conduct root canals in Castle Rock to salvage inflamed, damaged, or infected teeth and prevent unnecessary extractions or loss of teeth.
  • Extractions – We always want to preserve natural teeth, but when an infected tooth risks the health of nearby teeth, we remove it.

Emergency Dentist in Castle Rock

We first handle dental emergencies urgently and safely to stop pain or bleeding and bring comfort. Our emergency dentist near Castle Rock works on emergencies like knocked-out teeth, lost fillings, abscesses, and intense toothaches.

Contact our dentist in Houston, TX, today at Asure Dental for your cosmetic, preventive, restorative, and emergency dentistry needs!

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