Experiencing Pain Five Days after Dental Implant? A Guide to Solutions

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Experiencing Pain Five Days after Dental Implant? A Guide to Solutions

February 1, 2023

Some pain after getting dental implants to replace missing teeth is expected because implant placement requires surgery from the dentist providing dental implants in Houston, making incisions, and drilling your jawbone to insert titanium posts deep into it to function as artificial tooth roots replacing the natural ones you lost. However, whether you had a tooth extracted or lost due to accidents or injuries, dental implants are excellent for replacing the missing tooth to receive natural-looking and feeling artificial teeth.

You don’t experience discomfort when undergoing surgery for dental implants because the dentist in Houston gives you local anesthesia and sedation if required to calm your nerves. However, the anesthetics merely help control pain for four to six hours after implant placement. You start experiencing pain in the surgical site, and the discomfort remains with you for three to five days. You can comfortably manage the pain using prescription or OTC painkillers and ice packs to alleviate swelling around your cheeks. Unfortunately, if the discomfort continues after five days, you need attention from the providers because it may indicate complications.

Possible Causes of Pain Five Days Later Dental Implant

It is unfamiliar to experience extended pain over five days after dental implant placement. Feeling sharper pain as the anesthesia starts wearing off is expected. However, the discomfort should subside with time and pain medications.

You might develop a complication after the surgery that results in additional pain. Trying to manage the pain without help from your dentist isn’t suggested. The difficulties you might confront include the following:

  • Opening of the Incision Line: a common complication confronted by many patients includes opening of the incision line after surgery. The opening occurs when the tissue surrounding the titanium post reopens after your operation. You will feel irritation and pain following the opening and may receive instructions from the Houston dentist to rinse with chlorhexidine mouthwash a few times daily or take antibiotics to prevent infections. If the pain doesn’t subside, you need medical attention.
  • Incorrect Implant Placement: Incorrect implant placement indicates the titanium post is not integrating with your jawbone to cause discomfort and pain. In such cases, dental implant removal and replacement later is an option.
  • Infections: infections can occur when mouth bacteria enter the surgical site to infect tissue and prevent proper healing. The surgical site may also reopen and fail to heal.
  • Besides the above, if you develop other symptoms besides the pain, it can also be a sign of post-operative complication, making it essential to call the Houston dentist for help.

Indications That You Need Professional Medical Attention

Discomfort from dental implant placement should subside in five or six days. However, if you continue experiencing pain after the time or even weeks or months later, it is an indicator that you need professional medical attention.

Lingering pain for over two weeks that worsens is best reviewed by the oral surgeon or dentist because the pain shouldn’t last this long after the process.

You can expect pain near the implants months or years after placement because of implant failure or peri-implantitis. Generally, implant placements are successful, but chances of developing complications exist. For example, it might indicate implant failure if you experience pain when tapping on the implant site. Alternative symptoms of implant failure include horizontal movement of the placement, bone loss, inflammation, and challenges for the dentist to attach a dental crown to the titanium post.

You may be at risk of implant failure if you allow bacterial development in your mouth, have a history of gum disease or periodontitis, smoke, or have uncontrolled diabetes.

If you don’t care for your replacement teeth you can develop pain near the implant site. Dental implants require excellent dental hygiene as your natural teeth, including brushing and flossing them and getting six monthly cleanings.

Improper oral care often results in peri-implantitis because of the bacterial buildup in the tissue surrounding the implant. This condition leads to inflammation, tissue damage, and bone loss. If the condition affects the soft tissue of your mouth, treatments are available to deal with the situation. However, if you experience jawbone deterioration will need reconstructive surgery, best performed by an oral surgeon and none other.

The indicators mentioned above all need help from a medical professional because you cannot find relief from the problem at drugstores with over-the-counter medications.

Any discomfort beyond five days after dental implant placement is a cause for concern and needs help from the provider. If you confront a similar situation with pain five days after dental implant placement, do not ignore the situation but contact Asure Dental for assistance immediately. Your consultation will help you overcome the discomfort and save your replacement teeth.

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