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Dental Bonding in Houston, TX

Dealing with minor damage to your smile can sometimes be just as devastating as losing a tooth or having another major problem. The trouble with having multiple small problems with your smile is that it still takes a certain amount of work to repair the damage. What if there was a way to make your smile look the way you want it to again without a ton of work repairing every minor chip, crack, and discoloration? The answer is dental bonding, a way to fix minor damage and cosmetic issues with your teeth without the need for cosmetic surgery or months of restorative dental work.

Asure Dental in Houston, TX is the home of the dentists near you with all the cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments you need to fix your smile and keep it looking great. That includes dental bonding as an option to repair your smile. If this sounds like an option that may work for you, then stop by our clinic today and one of our dentists will show you how the process works and determine if that is the right option for you.

What is the Process For Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding isn’t nearly as complicated as some other treatments and procedures available for smile restoration here at Asure Dental. Dental bonding reshapes your teeth, repairs chips and cracks, fixes discoloration and even gives your existing teeth a more natural look.

The process is done by the dentist adding a composite resin material around your existing teeth. The material is sculpted in a way to fill in the damaged spots of the tooth. It can even be used to fill gaps in your teeth and to alter the size or shape of your teeth to make them look more natural. Once the sculpting is done, the bonding agent is hardened, and the process is finalized. Patients can return to the dentist to have it re-sculpted as necessary until it meets their unique smile goals.


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