Dental Fillings in Houston, TX

Dental Fillings in Houston, TX

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Dental Fillings in Houston, TX

If you’ve ever had a cavity, you likely know what a filling is. However, you may need to realize why you need fillings or why they are one of the most important dental procedures performed at your local Asure Dental in Houston, TX. From young to old, many patients need one or more fillings throughout their life, and fillings are responsible for saving countless teeth. Leaving a cavity untreated can lead to severe consequences not just for the individual tooth with the cavity but for other teeth because damage and rot can spread from one tooth to another if left unchecked.

Getting fillings in Houston, TX is as easy as coming straight to us at Asure Dental. You’ll be happy to know that we are your local filling experts and offer various dental filling types to meet your specific needs and keep your smile looking its best even while treating cavities.

What Are Dental Fillings?

A tooth filling is a dental restoration used to repair or restore a cavitated tooth. You can get permanent tooth filling in an area of a tooth where decay has been removed, which is known as a cavity.

What Are the Types of Fillings?

Many people probably assume all fillings are the same until they are sitting in the dentist’s chair getting one, but there are a few different filling types. They are used differently depending on where the cavity is and the needs or wishes of the patient. In the past, there were more options than today, but some options, like mercury fillings, were found dangerous.

This leaves us with two basic types of fillings: metal and composite.

Metal fillings are more durable and are thus better suited to filling in cavities in the biting surfaces of our teeth, such as a cavity in one of the back molars. This is because these teeth have to sustain more biting force and pressure than some of the others, and thus the durability of metal fillings is necessary.

Composite fillings are made of resin or another dental-grade material and are useful as they can be tinted to match the natural tooth color of the patient. This is typically reserved for the front teeth.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has highlighted that among adults 20 years and above, approximately 90 percent of them have suffered at least one cavity. About one in every four adults aged between 20 to 64 years has at least a tooth cavity.

Untreated cavities can lead to contributing to pain, infection, and abscesses. Our dentist at Asure Dental provides tooth filling in Houston, TX, to protect the teeth.

Procedure for Dental Fillings

We first numb the site and then remove the decayed area. After that, we clean the hollow or cavity to prepare it for filling. The filling material is applied, and our dentist polishes the tooth to end the procedure. The same procedure applies to temporary tooth filling, done when you need urgent filling after a sudden trauma or accident.

What to Expect from The Dentist During Your Consultation?

When you come to Asure Dental for consultation, we check your tooth to see the nature of decay and cavity. We may conduct X-rays to view areas inside the tooth. This way, we can tell whether or not dental fillings in Houston can help. Contact us today!


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