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Dental Sealants in Houston, TX

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Dental Sealants in Houston, TX

No matter how much we clean our teeth, day-to-day wear can damage our tooth enamel, causing cavities and other problems. Most want the best smile we can have for as long as possible. That’s why it’s important to talk with your dentists near you about what options are available to help protect your teeth from harm. After all, good hygiene can only do so much. One option not all folks may be aware of is applying a dental sealant to your teeth. This will give them the extra protection they need to last longer than just brushing and flossing alone.

If you’re interested in a dental sealant in Houston, TX, then see us at Asure Dental. We are ready to do everything we can to help you protect your teeth so that you have a brilliant smile you can be proud of.

How Do Dental Sealants Work and Who Can Get Them

When you come to Asure Dental in Houston, TX, we will discuss the state of your teeth and then explain how our dental sealants work and how you may benefit from them. One of the best things about getting a dental sealant is that anyone who still has their natural molars is a candidate for a dental sealant. The earlier a person gets a dental sealant, however, the more effective it will prevent damage and tooth decay.

That’s why our dentists recommend children get sealants put on as soon as their first permanent molars come in, around 5-6 years of age. This way, they can protect their teeth from many harmful things that affect them in their formative years.

Dental sealants are simple to apply. They are made from a thin layer of dental-grade resin that is poured over the chewing surfaces of the teeth to form a protective layer without interfering with talking or chewing. A dental sealant can last 5 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance.

Sealants are thin coatings that dentists paint on teeth’s chewing surfaces to shield the teeth from elements like acids. Adults and kids can get dental sealants for teeth in Houston. These coatings can last up to 10 years; however, they are most efficient in the first 24 months of placement. At Asure Dental, we artfully and safely provide quality tooth sealants to our patients.

Dental Sealants for Adults in Houston

Tooth sealants aren’t just meant for kids; adults can receive them too. If you are vulnerable to tooth decay, consider sealing teeth to help prevent cavities.

Teeth Sealants for Kids

Children are predisposed to cavities because they crave sweets or sugars. Cookies, sodas, syrups, sugary juices, and candies are all culprits. Even foods that don’t seemingly appear to have sugar can result in cavities such as chips, white bread, pretzels, and white pasta. The starch in these foods is broken down, converting it to sugar inside the mouth, which, in turn, releases acids to cause cavities.

Sealant for Sensitive Teeth

If you have tooth sensitivity, consider sealant for sensitive teeth. Some individuals with thin enamel or eroded enamel can have sensitivity. Once the sealants are painted, they prevent acids produced by bacteria from infiltrating and damaging the enamel to cause cavities.

Contact us at Asure Dental to schedule an appointment to see if you can benefit from cavity sealants in Houston, TX!


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