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Emergency Dental Care in Houston, TX

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Emergency Dental Care in Houston, TX

Have you ever had a sudden tinge of pain when you went to eat or drink something? You may have got a throbbing pain out of nowhere and aren’t sure what to do. The answer is simple: you need emergency dentistry in Houston, TX. You may think that pain and swelling are no big deal or that sudden sensitivity to hot and cold is just natural, but these types are clear signs of a dental health issue and should be treated as a dental health emergency.

If you experience unexplained pain, a toothache, or another health issue, don’t hesitate to head immediately to our dental office in Houston, TX. Let our talented and experienced emergency dentists treat you right away before what is likely a small issue becomes a major one. We handle all types of dental emergencies here at Asure Dental, and most of the time, walk-ins are welcome, so you don’t need to worry about an appointment while you’re in pain.

Emergency Dentist in Houston

Our Houston emergency dental care is committed to catering to your urgent care needs whenever they arise. Our emergency dentist in Houston treats tooth or gum abscesses, knocked-out teeth, badly broken or fractured teeth, lost fillings, broken orthodontics, and injured soft tissues of the mouth like cut gums, cheeks, and lips.

What Should I Do If I Have a Sudden Toothache?

If you find yourself with a sudden and unexplained toothache and can’t make it to see our emergency dentists near you immediately, then there are a few things you can do to help ease the pain until you can make it to our office.

Start by applying a warm compress to the outside of your mouth where the pain originates. This may reduce swelling and thus reduce pain. You may also try gargling with salt water or an oral rinse to kill bacteria and remove debris from the affected area to provide some relief.

If neither of those options works, it is best to try over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen to help reduce the swelling and manage the pain. Suppose the pain worsens or is not diminished by any treatments we’ve listed here. In that case, getting to our office immediately is important, as this could signify a much more serious underlying health issue that needs treatment.

Whenever dental emergencies strike, it is prudent that you act soon and cautiously to remedy the issue. Seeking an emergency dentist near you in Houston, TX, increases the odds of preventing costly and invasive restorative treatment.

Emergency dental care in Houston helps end pain and prevent a dental issue from worsening. Asure Dental provides emergency treatment for dental issues that cannot wait to be addressed the next day or several days after.

Emergency Dental Clinic Near You in 77084 and Nearby Areas

We understand that you should get your dental emergency taken care of immediately. That is why we are available to cater to our patient’s needs for urgent care. Asure Dental is your preferred emergency dental clinic in Houston and nearby areas. We are situated conveniently to serve patients near 77084, including Westgate Village, Katy, Park Row, Parkway West, and many other surrounding areas.

Our Experts Are Here for Emergency Dental Care in Houston, TX

Dental emergencies can be unbearable and painful. Don’t let pain cause sleepless nights and destabilize your life. Visit Asure Dental to get urgent dental care in Houston!


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