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Endodontics in Houston, TX

Our team of dental professionals at Asure Dental has the ultimate goal of helping each individual that walks into our clinic near you. It’s not uncommon for patients to make appointments because they’re experiencing pain in their gums, jaw, or teeth.

If you’ve been walking around with oral pain, we suggest making an appointment with one of our dentists. Taking control of health ailments as soon as you have symptoms is a great way to prevent them from turning into more severe issues.

We offer a variety of treatments for oral health pain, including root canal therapy, called endodontics. Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures and can be done in a single visit. An endodontist in Houston performs the treatment by removing the infected dental pulp and fixing tooth root issues.

What is a Root Canal?

Within each one of your teeth, there is a hollow space that contains soft tissue that we call dental pulp. Also known as tooth pulp, when this substance gets infected or irritated, it can lead to the need for a visit with the endodontist. Our team prefers sending a patient to the endodontist if there’s no other option for treatment.

Top-Recognized Endodontist in Houston

We have onboard our highly recognized endodontist to handle your endodontic issues in Houston, Texas. We have served many patients and helped them reclaim back the full function of their teeth with our root canal treatment in Houston. We believe in saving teeth because permanent teeth are the only natural teeth we are gifted with.

What to Expect During an Endodontics Appointment?

As a trusted dental clinic near you, our team uses the newest dental technology to ensure each patient has comprehensive care. Going to the dentist can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. We do what we can to make our office a calm and comforting place.

Endodontic treatments in Houston are pain-free with the help of local anesthetics and numbing agents. The process starts by placing a dental dam over the affected tooth to help keep the surrounding areas clear of debris or general infection. The dentist will then be able to access the dental pulp tissue inside your tooth to remove it.

Once we remove the damaged pulp, the dentist will clean and disinfect the area within the tooth. Then, we’ll fill and seal the tooth to finish off the treatment. For your safety, Asure Dental asks that patients bring someone to give them a ride home after their appointment.

Tooth decay should be addressed properly as soon as it is detected. Decay can cause an infection to enter the interior areas of a tooth, including the pulp cavity and root tip. An endodontist in Houston helps provide treatments that eradicate diseased, damaged, or inflamed pulp tissue to save a tooth. Our specialists in endodontics in Houston will provide root canal therapy to patients with their tooth’s interior damaged or infected.

Root Canal Treatment Experts in Houston, Texas

Root canal treatment removes the diseased or damaged tissue, cleans the canals, fills them, and seals the tooth with fluid-tight dental cement. It is an endodontic treatment that an endodontist can only do. Our root canal specialists effectively treat pulp infection or even an abscessed gum tissue due to infection from the tooth’s interior.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Root Canal Experts

Contact our Houston endodontics specialists at Asure Dental to book an appointment for your root canal evaluation and treatment. Our Houston, Texas, endodontist will be happy and ready to handle your dental problem. Maintaining healthy teeth or gums is our joy!


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