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Oral Cancer Screenings in Houston, TX

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Oral Cancer Screenings in Houston, TX

While most of us fear the word cancer, one cancer that is not always on the top of everyone’s list is oral cancer. We know about specific types of cancer, such as throat cancer from smoking and other sources, but the truth is cancer can impact any of the soft tissues of the mouth, tongue, neck, and throat. Even though it can be difficult, one of the best ways to protect yourself from oral cancer that could easily be treated if caught early is with routine oral cancer screenings in Houston, TX.

As the local dentists near you, our team at Asure Dental in Houston, TX is ready and waiting to take care of all your oral cancer screenings and any follow-up care needed. We know no one wants to deal with cancer, so we believe early detection is the key to staying healthy.

Routine oral cancer screenings are a good idea for all patients, but patients should talk with their dentist about any potential risk factors for developing oral cancer, as this may mean that they need more frequent screenings.

What Happens During a Screening

The oral cancer screening here at Asure Dental is very similar to a standard dental examination because our dentist will examine your mouth in person and usually by hand. However, what is different is what the dentist is looking for. Instead of plaque, tartar, and cavities, the dentist looks for signs of cancerous tissue, growths, or masses in the mouth’s soft tissue.

Suppose the dentist does not detect anything during the initial examination. In that case, they will likely use a special oral rinse that will turn cancerous tissue a different color, making it easier to identify. From there, they will take a biopsy and send it off to a lab for further testing. They will then schedule a follow-up to review the lab results of the biopsy and, from there, discuss the next steps based on what was found.


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