Orthodontist in Houston, TX

Orthodontist in Houston, TX

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Orthodontist in Houston, TX

Do you wish to elevate your smile with orthodontic treatment in Houston? Asure Dental offers Houston’s best personalized orthodontic care in a friendly, caring, family-oriented environment. We understand that each patient’s orthodontic treatment goal and plan differ.

Whether you need to correct overcrowding or an overbite, we can provide a tailored orthodontic care solution to ensure you achieve your goal. Visit our orthodontist in Houston to be evaluated for your orthodontic care needs.

Trusted Orthodontist Near You in Houston/Katy for Customized Treatment

Receiving orthodontic care isn’t just about visiting our local dental office in Houston/Katy and getting your Invisalign® or clear aligners. We believe in providing dental care in an engaging, caring, and comfortable environment. Our trusted orthodontist near you will want to assess your need for Invisalign. We ensure we map out a treatment path that gives you the most desirable results within the stipulated timeframe.

Houston Orthodontic Specialist

You can count on Asure Dental to engage with the best Houston orthodontic specialists. Our orthodontist conducts a detailed oral and facial exam, including X-rays, facial scans, and dental impressions. These exams and scans help identify the orthodontic issues you have. We devise an individualized treatment plan based on the shape, placement, and structure of the jaw, teeth, and facial bones.

We will discuss the type of treatment that suits you most after the assessment. We provide clear aligners or Invisalign in Houston for those needing to align their teeth inconspicuously.


Our orthodontist uses sets of aligners worn stage-by-stage to shift teeth. You have the aligners in the mouth every day for under 20 hours. You also wear them for roughly 14 days, then move on to a new aligner set.

Invisalign aligners are smooth and comfortable. Other people cannot see them because of their translucent nature. You can also floss and brush easily because you take the aligners out. Invisalign works for protruding teeth, crooked teeth, underbites, and overbites. If brackets and wires aren’t friendly to your mouth, we may suggest Invisalign.

Schedule Your Consultation Today for Advanced Orthodontics in Houston

Visit our orthodontist in Houston, TX, at Asure Dental to speak about your orthodontic treatment. We have a devoted team offering advanced orthodontic care in Houston/Katy. We utilize modern imaging technologies to help deliver desirable results within the projected treatment time. Contact us today!


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