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Porcelain Veneers in Houston, TX

Having a smile that needs some work is something that many people deal with. While it is possible to restore a damaged smile, it often takes time, and people are left wondering what to do about their smile while they wait for the treatments and services they need to correct the issue. When it comes to addressing these concerns, dental veneers in Houston can be a game-changer. Having a damaged smile can impact a person’s way of life. Our smile is the first thing people see when they meet us, which plays a large role in how we represent ourselves. This means it can hurt a person’s self-esteem and quality of life when their smile isn’t up to par.

All hope is not lost. However, many patients looking for dentists near you can get dental veneers in Houston placed over their teeth while they work on their smile restoration process. The great thing about veneers in Houston/Katy is that they fit easily over your existing teeth and give the appearance of a great-looking, healthy smile. Patients can keep their dental veneers on for as little or as long as needed to go out into the world with confidence, knowing they have a great-looking smile.

At Asure Dental in Houston, TX, we know what having a fantastic smile can mean to people, and that is why we are proud to offer veneers to our patients to assist with their smile restoration.

How is a Dental Veneer in Houston/Katy Installed?

Luckily, putting on a veneer is fairly simple for patients concerned about complex dental procedures. The dentist makes an impression on your teeth and may do some minor grinding or shaping of the teeth to help with adhesion.

The mold of your teeth is then sent to a lab where your customized porcelain veneers are created. Once the dental veneers in Houston are created, you come in for a fitting where any last-minute adjustments are made before the final product is fitted to your teeth. The entire process is painless and takes only a couple of hours between dentist visits in Houston.


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