Why is a Dental Crown Important

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Why is a Dental Crown Important?

January 4, 2023

If you’ve never broken a tooth before, you may need to realize just how important protecting a tooth can be. When a tooth breaks, whether it breaks off from the top or is a fracture down the center of the tooth, it risks exposing the inner structure of the tooth and the root system. This is incredibly painful but can also cause a whole range of different oral health issues. Not only do you want to restore the tooth’s function so that you can smile and chew food again, but you also want to protect it from further damage or complications.

So then, what do you do to protect your broken or cracked tooth from further damage? You ask your local dentists near you at Asure Dental in Houston, TX about dental crowns. Dental crowns are designed to fix a broken tooth and keep it from suffering further damage.

What Exactly Does a Dental Crown Do?

Many worry about having things placed over their teeth, whether it will feel natural and what happens when it breaks. Dental technology has advanced a long way in recent years, and dental crowns now look and feel more natural than ever. Plus, with the invention of dental composite materials, dental crowns look even closer to real teeth, and now we use no harmful materials like mercury in decades past.

A dental crown is placed over the top of a broken tooth and works to restore the natural shape, including the biting surface of the tooth. Covering the tooth protects it from further damage, the risk of internal cavities, and infection, to name a few things. The longer a tooth is exposed, the greater risk of damage or an infection that could spread to the mouth.

This makes a dental crown one of the most important dental appliances a person can have installed onto one of their teeth.

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